Our research program primarily focuses on the development of technologies for 3D imaging using electron microscopy techniques, and on the use of these technologies to image cells, viruses and proteins at high resolution.


Subramaniam Lab achievements summary

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  • 3D Correlative Imaging

    • Over the last several years, we have used the focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) technology to image whole cells and tissues in 3D. Highlights of this includes several studies of the HIV-1 virological synapse, and studies of mitochondrial networks in muscle. We are currently working on techniques to correlate FIB-SEM with confocal and live cell imaging.
  • Methods Development

  • Protein Complexes

    • Recent developments in the cryo-electron microscopy field have made it possible to achieve near atomic resolution for small protein complexes. We are currently interested in using this technology to study the structures of soluble and membrane-integral protein complexes involved in signaling.
  • Viral Entry

    • Understanding the structural mechanism of viral entry for HIV and related viruses has been a key area of interest for the lab. Recent work has included a series of tomographic and single particle analysis structures of the HIV, influenza, and Ebola envelope glycoproteins, as well as FIB-SEM studies of the HIV-1 virological synapse.

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